Aneesh ThomasAneesh Thomas
First time pass
The instructor Marcos is a well experienced trainer and really helped me to get the licence. Also the workbook was really good learn and understand the lessons as well.

Danny SilawiDanny Silawi
Renewed hope
After failing my driving test 5 times I lost hope in learning to drive until I met Marcos and then passed first time with him. Marcos is both professional and creative on how to best prepare for your driving test. I would strongly recommend Marcos to anyone wanting to pass their test and to be a more competent driver.

Michael MacMillanMichael MacMillan
Lessons with Gary Emery and Marcos Morley
Gary was a great instructor, always friendly, understanding and very good at explaining how and when things must be done. He is always on time too. A very relaxing instructor. I was passed on to Marcos for the end of my training as Gary was away for a re-test I had booked. He was excellent too. He has some good jokes and always makes things easy and obvious to understand. The LDC System and resources (Online Student Hub) were very helpful and made me understand things very well.

Callum TowlCallum Towl
Lessons with John Jeffries and Marcos Morley
I enjoyed the lessons as they were very informative. The LDC workbook along with access to the LDC online Student Hub were extremely helpful with both the basic lessons and the more complex lessons as I got closer to my practical test.

Joseph WhiteJoseph White
First time pass
Marcos is very calm and relaxed the whole time. He is very patient and understands that people make mistakes and is very calm when you do. He’ll get you to pull over just so you can talk it through. He is very easy to talk to as well which makes the lessons nice and relaxed. When I did make mistakes he was very quick and relaxed to make the situation safe again. All in all I would really recommend him as he is a very nice guy.

Charles AustinCharles Austin
Clear goals
Marcos was very friendly and helpful from the first lesson which made it easier to progress in time for my test. The resources provided by LDC made learning the manoeuvres easy and practical especially the Workbook that included a lesson plan. At the end of each lesson Marcos would assess what went well and what could be improved, which gave clear goals on what could be achieved within the next lesson. On the day of the test I felt confident that I was well prepared.

Ryan AllenRyan Allen
Show me, Tell me
Marcos taught my brother to drive so I naturally went to him for my lessons. I found he gave very clear instructions with great tuition. The workbook was a very useful tool especially the Show me, tell me questions which I made sure I read the night before my test. Marcos was very professional and polite and I would 100% recommend him to my friends and the rest of my brothers!

Ricky PrattRicky Pratt
Will recommend in the future
I found Marcos to be a great instructor to learn with. He runs through things well with good detail and good instruction. He was very kind and respectful. I will recommend him to more people in the future.

Perry KenyonPerry Kenyon
Workbook essential to success
With the short amount of time I needed to pass in, Marcos provided me with everything I needed to both prepare and understand what was required to make the most of my lessons and, like I did, ultimately pass. The Workbook was essential to prepare for each lesson. I would personally recommend going for more of an intensive route especially with Marcos as you take a lot more in and increase the learning curve greatly.

Karl NewhookKarl Newhook
5 Stars
I found Marcos to be very friendly, reliable and very helpful. 10/10. Everything I needed to pass my practical test..

Jay ParrJay Parr
Passed 1st time
I completed the 30 hour intensive course with Marcos. I found the course to be really great. The LDC exercises were easy to understand and straight forward. Each step in the Workbook and with Marcos were easy to understand. Marcos was a very good instructor. He made things clear and was very patient which helped me learn better and quicker. His training exercises were brilliant and I would highly recommend him and LDC.

Jason HallettJason Hallett
Fresh approach
My instructor Marcos has been clear in what he expected from me and was very helpful throughout my lessons. A big plus was having the LDC Workbook to use when I didn’t have a lesson. This meant that I could re-cap on the subjects I had completed. So, all in all I would recommend LDC driving school and their unique LD System to anyone looking to pass their test.

Phillip AllenPhillip Allen
Never too harsh
I was very happy to have met Marcos as my driving instructor. Upon meeting him I felt he was genuine and I felt comfortable almost immediately. Marcos is a good teacher, and I felt confident that he was going to help me pass. I never felt that Marcos was too harsh or tough. He had a great balance of constructive criticism and praise. I felt the LDC Workbook had some good points on theory and was helpful to look back on when unsure on some of the driving elements.

Harrison Hoy
Calm approach to teaching
Marcos has been a great instructor. He is calm and reassuring which meant my lessons were relaxed and I did not feel under pressure. He utilises the LDC system to every benefit, ensuring consistent continued progress in my driving. Throughout my lessons Marcos was an invaluable source of knowledge as he listened and responded to my thoughts which supported my learning. On the day of my test he handled my nerves well and as a result of his excellent approach and attitude towards teaching I passed with confidence.

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