Phillip AllenPhillip Allen
Never too harsh
I was very happy to have met Marcos as my driving instructor. Upon meeting him I felt he was genuine and I felt comfortable almost immediately. Marcos is a good teacher, and I felt confident that he was going to help me pass. I never felt that Marcos was too harsh or tough. He had a great balance of constructive criticism and praise. I felt the LDC Workbook had some good points on theory and was helpful to look back on when unsure on some of the driving elements.

Harrison Hoy
Calm approach to teaching
Marcos has been a great instructor. He is calm and reassuring which meant my lessons were relaxed and I did not feel under pressure. He utilises the LDC system to every benefit, ensuring consistent continued progress in my driving. Throughout my lessons Marcos was an invaluable source of knowledge as he listened and responded to my thoughts which supported my learning. On the day of my test he handled my nerves well and as a result of his excellent approach and attitude towards teaching I passed with confidence.

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